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B-Chocolate, founded in 2009, is not just a Chocolate Boutique; B-Chocolate reflects an art of living. To achieve this we are guided by our deeply held principles of quality and fairness. At B-chocolate, we offer you a sweet luxury of pralines freshly-made in Brussels and imported on a weekly basis. Alongside our Belgian pralines, we also carry our local pralines, Italian, French and Canadian treats that meet our ideal of quality, which includes our carefully selected local Grocery selection.

Belgian chocolate has always been considered the “gourmet standard” by which chocolate collections worldwide are measured. Belgian chocolate can only be “Made in Belgium.” This standard of quality is reflected in the ingredients and the Old World techniques used. It is also reflected in an adherence to a philosophy that insists we use, wherever possible, products that have been obtained through fair trade.

Our chocolates, our sweets, and other treats offer you a mix of modern and old-time excellence. At B-Chocolate we honour tradition while we incorporate the excellence of new ideas and technologies.